Before Harvest Earnings was founded, our team had worked with senior leaders at many well-known companies and had proven that employees closest to the work could generate smart ways to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve the customer experience.

But that wasn’t enough. Something was missing.

We were delivering value, but not an extraordinary experience. So we applied our process and our people to ourselves to answer the question, “how do we create an extraordinary experience?”

When we were done, we had invented an entirely new business from the ground up. Harvest Earnings is built on old truths and new insights to deliver an experience that our clients call “world class”, “best in class”, “now our corporate standard for initiatives.”

Dedicating our dream team

No matter how good the recipe or ingredients are, it is the skill and attention of the chef that makes an extraordinary meal. We have seasoned business leaders who are the world’s leading Idea Harvest™ experts and we dedicate a team entirely to each client to deliver complete attention and focus.

Transferring our skills

Our goal is to put ourselves out of work (well, our client’s work) as quickly as possible by transferring our skills, process, and tools to our clients. This can be done in 100 days or less. Once client teams know what we know, they can quickly help their companies "know what they know" without our help.

Tailoring to our clients’ unique needs

Every company is unique – from the personalities to the culture, from the products to the strategy. For the best results and experience we tailor our proven process to fit our clients’ unique needs.

Engaging employees, not burdening them

We hate bureaucracy and inefficiency and so do our clients! So to provide a truly unparalleled experience, we have eliminated them from our process. No time-consuming PowerPoint presentations, no TLAs (three letter acronyms) to learn, no unnecessary data requests…just straightforward steps to engage our clients’ team in an invigorating problem solving, idea driven success!