Our services share one primary objective: to transfer our expertise in continuous improvement and problem solving to our clients who are world class global companies in a wide range of industries.

We accomplish this objective in a variety of ways:

The gold standard of continuous improvement initiatives. In 100 days, clients have engaged their employees to generate ideas that are then implemented to improve their customers’ experience, increase earnings by becoming more efficient and by growing revenue. During the 100 days, we have transferred our expertise to our clients’ managers. Our Idea Harvest™ clients appreciate our pay for value business model. Our interests are aligned.

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An easy, invigorating way to introduce management teams to practical ways to really engage their employees.

Go further into the client’s organization to engage teams in a structured, fact based, fast paced approach to getting practical solutions on the table, analyzed and ready for management approval. Even big problems are no match for this process!

Provides the top-of-the-house with access to our decades of experience helping senior executives solve important business problems by improving how they navigate politics, structure analyses, communicate up and down the organization, lead their teams, and galvanize their employees.