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Idea Harvest™ is a powerful process that solves the three most common problems that senior leaders face when they want to further reduce costs.

Problem 1


Too often, processes used to reduce costs produce actions that also weaken the company. In the name of reducing costs, leaders find themselves with no alternative to increasing workloads, and degrading the customer experience.


Idea Harvest™ solves this problem by putting the tools and process in place to ensure that senior leaders are given smart alternatives – actions that reduce costs while strengthening the company. By eliminating unnecessary work, simplifying processes, and matching the right tasks to the right people, actions can be taken that dramatically reduce costs while reducing workloads, and improving customer service.


For example, a retail bank used Idea Harvest™ to develop ideas that eliminated and simplified so much work in their retail branches that entirely new staffing models could be used to ensure more customer-facing personnel during peak hours while savings millions. Employees had better jobs and could focus on the customer; customers were served sooner and controls were tightened.

Problem 2


Employees have the information and insight needed to reduce costs while strengthening the company.


The problem is that traditional processes – be it six sigma, activity valuation processes, lean, A3, and so on – simply take too much time and effort to reach deeply into the organization or broadly across functions. So employees with good ideas are not reached. Idea Harvest™ solves this problem by providing a remarkably efficient decision-making process. Internal experts can get to the heart of the matter quickly and build consensus all while still meeting their other responsibilities.


For example, a manufacturer used the Idea Harvest™ principles to generate and evaluate thousands of ideas from employees in many countries in a few months while still meeting all of their budget targets and customer needs.

Problem 3


Real change does not happen by itself just because it is a good idea. It also doesn’t happen by just creating an Office of Transformation.


Looking for ways to improve must be truly built into the fabric of corporate decision-making. Accountability must be clear; rewards and recognition must be clear; and most importantly, the tools for success must be provided.


Idea Harvest™ solves this problem by providing all of the required support down to the last detail – from the technology to the templates to the training. With a proven structure and new skills in place, leaders can focus on running the company.


For example, a document management company used Idea Harvest™ to generate and approve new ideas every month that reduced costs while making it easier for customers to do business with them.

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