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Elephant in the Boardroom

Terri Long and Jeremy Eden, Co-CEOs of Harvest Earnings. who have worked with hundreds of Fortune 1000 executives.  They chat about the wins, the grins and the true crimes against getting stuff done in corporate America. Jeremy and Terri don't shy away from calling out the revered business practices that maybe shouldn't be. We are looking at you "mission statements". Take a few minute break and learn from two experienced anti-consultants.

Are Two Heads Better Than One?

Co-CEOs Jeremy and Terri discuss the benefits and challenges of working together as co-CEOs. They highlight the importance of trust, shared decision-making, and complementary skills. They also discuss the rarity of co-CEO arrangements in large companies and the potential advantages of having two heads at the top. They emphasize the need to let go of ego and the benefits of having different perspectives and experiences. They also touch on the Goldman Sachs model of co-heads and the positive impact of co-CEOs on company performance and employee satisfaction.

Call Us, Just Please Don't Call us Management Consultants

Terri and Jeremy are frustrated at being labeled as management consultants. They explore the reasons why management consultants are often hired and the negative impact it can have on companies and especially employees.

Maybe Culture Does Eat Strategy for Brekkie

In episode S1 E11, Terri and Jeremy talked about why "corporate culture" can be a dangerously misleading concept ... but not entirely. In this episode we talk about some critical cultural attributes like "see something, say something" and "hear something, do something".

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