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77 Eye-Opening Ways to Improve
Productivity and Profits

A New York Times Best Seller

“One of the top twenty business books.”

- The Globe and Mail

“CEOs are often far removed from the thousands of processes carried out every day across the complex organizations they lead, resulting in easy growth opportunities missed.”


“In ‘Low-Hanging Fruit: 77 Eye-Opening Ways to Improve Productivity and Profits,’ authors Terri Long and Jeremy Eden show how incremental but meaningful change boosts productivity and profit.”

- Investor’s Business Daily

“Here’s why you might need to forget what you know about teamwork, excelling, and tradition.”

- Fast Company

“Their lively book distills what has worked for their Fortune 100 clients over the past 20 years. They knock over a few sacred cows along the way.”


“This is one of the most practical and immediately actionable guides for business leaders that I have ever seen.”

- Skip Prichard, Leadership Insights

“Amazing new book”

- Olivia Paar-Rud, Quantum Business Insights

Low-Hanging Fruit, 77 Eye-Opening Ways to Improve Productivity and Profits
Barnes and Noble

“Does it work? PNC Financial’s initial program generated more than 2,400 ideas worth $400 million annually. When it merged with National City, it applied the same process and found $2 billion in operating efficiencies.”

- Dallas Morning News

“You are not going to get bogged down in gobbledygook and confusion. This book moves along and is highly educational, informational and entertaining.”

- Money Matters radio with Stu Taylor

“Each chapter is written in a very entertaining way, so you can grasp it and put it right into practice.”

- Financial Spectrum Radio with Bill Kearney

“It’s no surprise that Low Hanging Fruit has been named a New York Times best seller.”

- Andy Schornack, Banking Exchange

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