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    Harvest Earnings is built on old truths and new insights to deliver an experience that our clients call “world class”, “best in class”, “now our corporate standard for initiatives.”

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  • Low Hanging Fruit:
    77 Eye-Opening Ways to Improve Productivity and Profits

    The New York Times Bestseller
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  • Our Passion:
    Turning Engagement into Earnings

    “If HP only knew what HP knows, we’d be three times as productive.”
    Lew Platt, former CEO, Hewlett Packard

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  • Idea Harvest™

    The gold standard of continuous improvement initiatives. In 100 days, clients have engaged their employees to generate ideas that are then implemented to improve their customers’ experience, increase earnings by becoming more efficient and by growing revenue.

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  • "We have implemented hundreds of ideas and are celebrating many successes!"

    Webster Financial Corporation

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What Our Clients Say


“Our teams quickly showed us the terrific potential for increasing earnings through their great ideas that are going to make Acosta not only stronger but also a better place for our associates and our customers.”

American Eagle

“Our executive team deeply appreciates all of the hard work and progress that our teams demonstrated. They proved they will be able to contribute significantly to improving our productivity, be competitive and have funds to invest for growth.”

Pier 1 Imports

“Teams representing every area of our company presented great ideas that associates throughout Pier 1 Imports developed to increase efficiency, improve our customers’ experience and reinvest in growth. We are very impressed with the creativity, collaboration and careful analysis demonstrated.”


“Our employees found $100 million to fund our global rebranding. This is now our gold standard for corporate projects. As our global executive team got to know so many people deep in the organization we brought to light much more bench strength than we knew we had.”

H.J. Heinz

“First in North America and then in Europe, our employees added $500 million in earnings by removing clutter and complexity and adding new profitable revenues. There are so many ideas that are fundamentally improving the way we go to market and serve our customers. It was an incredible learning experience.”

PNC Financial

“Our One PNC project unified our key leadership team around the principle of acting as one company. We generated over $400 million while adding customer facing-time. It taught us how to excel at continuous improvement.”

Webster Financial

“We have implemented hundreds of ideas delivering $50 million and are celebrating each success! These ideas are eliminating the costs and activities that our customers do not value and reinvesting into those they do value.”

Standard Register

“We found over $30 million in earnings not just by cutting costs but by changing the way we work so we make it easier for employees and to enhance our customer’s experience.”

The Schwan Food Company

“We were very happy that we chose Harvest Earnings to help us in our journey. By removing complexity in every facet of our business we quickly found $40 million of new earnings. Implementation is so much smoother when the people who develop the ideas, also implement them. In addition, we are now all speaking the same business improvement language.”

Birds Eye Foods

“Our teams found $50 million by reducing fixed and variable costs while reinvesting millions in fast payback product innovation. As a private equity owned company we appreciated such a fast and certain path to measurable earnings growth.”

Synovus Financial

“We grew earnings by $75 million by getting exactly the right kind of collaboration and balance to ensure our local businesses were tailored to local market needs while taking advantage of our scale to drive efficiency.”

Detroit Edison

“Focusing on corporate overhead, the employees closest to the work found $100 million – more than any consultant or task force would have found.”

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